Your Vegetable Garden Can Teach You A Valuable Life Lesson

Your Vegetable Garden Can Teach You A Valuable Life Lesson

Watering your garden will result in produce that you can eat. But what else can you take from your vegetable garden?

The producing potential of most vegetable plants can’t be understated. A plant that receives everything it requires produces bountiful crops far in excess of what we are familiar with from the home vegetable garden.

Consider the output of commercial crops grown in hydroponic greenhouses. These plants have water available at all times, have a dependable flow of nutrients, and ideal climatic conditions.

Yielding 10x more produce than soil grown crops, these plants produce in accordance to their genetic potential.

Now consider the vegetable seedlings you just purchased from the garden centre. These seedlings have outgrown their containers, were left in the car on a hot day, and you forgot to water them. After they were forcefully ripped from their containers, they were planted in less than ideal conditions and forgotten about.

Through your plants lifetime, there were plenty more occasions when it wilted due to the heat or lack of water. You over fertilised, snails attacked, and it developed a strange colouring on the ends of its leaves. Luckily you planted 10 of them in a very small area!

Along your plants journey, each stress resulted in a reduction of its capacity to produce. After battling the heat, a lack of food, and many other stresses it simply did not have the energy to produce as much as you had expected.

For better, healthier plants and an increase in produce: REDUCE PLANT STRESS.

Your garden has just quietly demonstrated an important life lesson. Don’t let stress weaken your potential! Forget about your worries for a moment and go and produce something amazing!




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Suburban Farmer
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