A Glass Of Wine Can Help Your Vegetable Garden

A Glass Of Wine Can Help Your Vegetable Garden

What if I could tell you that having a wine in the evening can help you have a better vegetable garden?

We all lead pretty fast paced and hectic lives. Work, shopping, kids, family can fill our days without leaving much time to spend in the garden.

When you come home from work, tired and stressed and pour that glass of wine, don’t collapse on the couch. Head out to your veggie garden!

This is your time, a time to reconnect and relax..

This is great for me, but how does this help my veggie garden?

Because you are there. Without trying, you are observing and connecting with your garden:

“Perhaps the garden needs a water”.

“Hmm those snails are really getting to the lettuce”.

“I will need to stake those tomatoes this weekend”.

These are the types of things that will cross you mind just by standing in front of your garden.

Connect your daily ritual with your vegetable garden and you will spend more time in the garden without even trying.

The most successful gardens are not necessarily those require a lot of physical work. The most successful gardens are the ones where people just spend time.

So go and pour yourself a wine and head off into the garden!

Of course you don’t need to involve a wine. Choose any small indulgence. It just needs to be something you look forward to each day. A coffee or tea, chocolate, even sitting amongst your garden with a book will result in a better garden.




Written by Suburban Farmer

Hi, I am Mike the Suburban Farmer. I have been practising backyard self-sufficiency for 15 years and aim to inspire you to look at your backyard in a new way, and to enjoy the many rewards from growing your own.