The One Secret Ingredient

The One Secret Ingredient

The one secret ingredient to make your vegetable garden a success!

In this day and age we expect that there is a magic ingredient that will result in guaranteed success of our veggie gardens. In every suburb there is a garden centre with isles of products, we have experts on TV and radio recommending products, and with the internet you can buy plenty of weird and wonderful products not normally available in your local area.

So what is the secret ingredient?

There isn’t one. However a secret hint is that many different things all contribute in some way to the overall success over your veggie patch.

So rather than put all your hopes into a big bag of fertiliser, try several different types fertilisers and apply them all at set times. One week apply a couple of handfuls of organic fertiliser. The next week spread a bucket of chicken manure. Week 3 apply a select man made fertiliser and week 4 a liquid tonic. Repeat.

Application of nutrients from a variety of sources will result in far more potential for greater productivity when compared to the repeat use of a single type of nutrient source.

Don’t forget that there are a range of free sources of nutrients that will also contribute to your vegetable garden. Finished your morning coffee? Tip the last of the cup onto your garden. Had a party and have a few beer bottles to clear? Tip the remnants onto the soil in your garden before disposing of the bottles. Need a wee? Off to the lemon tree.

Also consider a range of alternative nutrient sources such as molasses, rinsed seaweed, weed tea, grass clippings, the list goes on!

Everything you add will contribute. Now time to get that cup of coffee!




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