Chickens vs Ducks

Chickens vs Ducks


Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen and welcome to a contest that promises to be a classic in every sense of the word.

In the blue corner, weighing in at 3 kilograms, the lean, not so mean, Muscovy “Puddles” Duck.

And in the red corner, weighing in at 2.5 kilograms, the undisputed king of the backyard, Big Brown “Kentucky” Chicken.

“Now I want a good clean fight between you two. No droppings in the ring, GOT IT!”


Here we go in the first and it’s a good chance to have a good look at the temperament of each opponent. Puddles is the quieter of the two and very friendly. That’s not to say the Kentucky is not friendly, but Kentucky is probably not quite as pleasant as Puddles at this stage.

I would say that Kentucky does have the edge when it comes to handling, Puddles has exceptionally sharp claws and does not seem to like being handled the same way as Kentucky. Both looking as good as each other around kids.


Just have a look at the eggs coming from Puddles. Her eggs are much larger and proven to be more nutritious than her opponent. However Kentucky won’t be outdone here. She is laying 300 eggs a year and is the clear winner of this round with Puddles still being a seasonal layer or having breaks in between clutches.


Both birds going toe to toe on maintenance here. Puddles is great around the veggie garden while Kentucky is absolutely destroying it. But what’s this, Puddles is a nonstop droppings machine! Clearly she is the messier of the two.

Puddles is looking to the corner, she requires much more water than Kentucky however she is much better able to handle the cold and wet in the winter months.


Just how long are these two likely to last? Kentucky looks to be faltering and may go the distance over 3 years. Puddles the clear winner here as she will be in the fight until she is 7-8years old.


It’s all over folks both opponents have landed their fair share of pros and cons. It seems Kentucky is all over Puddles when it comes to egg laying prowess however Puddles is a stronger sort and real character out there in the backyard.

It’s going to the judges’ scorecards. Cast your vote in the comments below!

Note: It is worth remembering that there are many different breeds of both chickens and ducks, all with their own unique characteristics, pros, and cons. For the purpose of this comparison I have chosen the breed ISA Brown for chickens and Muscovy for ducks, both recognised as suited for suburban backyard environment.




Written by Suburban Farmer

Hi, I am Mike the Suburban Farmer. I have been practising backyard self-sufficiency for 15 years and aim to inspire you to look at your backyard in a new way, and to enjoy the many rewards from growing your own.