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Aquaponics system

Aquaponics system bursting with growth. Great for productivity but it hides my beautiful system!

leafy greens

Aquaponics is perfect for leafy greens

Barramundi Aquaponics

Barramundi from an aquaponics system. 35cm long at the end of a long Perth

Feeding Barramundi

Barramundi hiding under tomato plant in an aquaponics system. They strike when feed is thrown in front of the structure they are hiding under. Just like in nature.

Using Tap Water In Aquaponics

Fish tank half filled. I let the systems run for week to let the chlorine in tap water evaporate before introducing fish and bacteria. #aquaponics #growyourown #permaculture #urbanfarming #landscaping #fishfarm #aquaculture

The easiest way to fill or top up an aquaponics system is by using ordinary tap water. Here is what you need to know about using tap water in an aquaponics system. (more…)

Jump Start the Barramundi Season

Jump Start the Barramundi Season

Barramundi is a fast growing fish that can be grown successfully in backyard aquaponics, however in temperate regions the growing season is short and barely gives you enough time to grow them to plate size. Here is a tip to jump start your barramundi season. (more…)

The Story Behind This Photo

The Story Behind This Photo

How much fresh fish and vegetable produce can you expect from your backyard aquaponics system? Read this if your goal is to produce all the fresh fish and vegetables you need. (more…)